Key West Butterfly Conservatory

I traveled to Key West for the first time recently, and went armed with a list of “garden-related” places to visit. Except then I ended up spending a lot of time by the hotel pool in a pretty posh cabana lounging around in Mrs. Roper muumuus and drinking Key lime coladas and feeling generally glamorous […]

Gardening Obstacles–The Overseer

When I decided to move into my adorable little rental house, a small but significant part of why I chose this particular location was the fact that the backyard had a large plot for gardening. Warning:  bit of a rant ahead. At first I was told by (let’s call this person) The Overseer that the […]

Houseplant Revival – The Jungalow Trend

I just came across an article on Facebook about Millenials and the Jungalow trend. #Jungalow, #urbangarden, #monsteramonday are all popular hashtags on Instagram. Why? Because Millenials have caught onto the houseplant revival. I was pretty stoked to read this, because I’m part of a microgeneration called “Xennials” that isn’t quite Gen X and not quite […]

Crates & Pallet DIY Indoor Potting Bench Reveal

Hey guys! I’ve recently partnered with Crates & Pallet to build a DIY project using their extra large crates. I decided to make an indoor potting bench for the fall and winter that doubles as a console to hold gardening books and knick knacks, so it has some aesthetic appeal as an indoor furniture piece. This […]

Kids Sunflower Art Project

This summer my daughter and I planted a dwarf variety of sunflowers, and when they reached maturity and bloomed we thought it would be a good idea to bring some inside. Then we decided it would be a good idea to paint them. Then I decided it would be a good idea to learn about […]

Garden Blogger Ghosting

Hi everyone. I feel like I ghosted this blog and its readers the past 12 months, and while I’m not ready to really discuss things, I thought I would just post an update about my current garden. Hopefully it will suffice til I start blogging regularly again. So, it’s August here in zone 6b, and […]

Japanese Hand Hoe — How to Weed Your Garden Fast!

Japanese hand hoe–it’s a legit tool that makes weeding super easy. I’m so enthralled by it that I took video with my phone and created a YouTube channel so you can see how it works. The Japanese hand hoe cuts under the soil and cuts the roots of the weeds. As a follow-up to prevent […]

How to prep your garden for spring planting

I’ve shared this before but that was a spring or two ago, and since all my old posts are gone, I thought I’d add it again. Here is a handy dandy infographic showing you how to prep your garden for planting, and some ways to start seeds indoors.

How Many Seeds Does It Take

To grow a garden? I don’t know; has anyone ever counted the number it takes to grow a garden in xyz amount of space? That seems unlikely.  Here’s what I do know:  I bought about 30 packets of seeds today. (4/6/17) UPDATE:  (4/26/17) Shortly after I began this post, my landlord decided for me that […]