Her Emerald Thumb is a blog about gardening. My name is Heather, and I am a plantaholic. I started gardening as a child, in a large plot next to a barn on my family’s farm. As you can imagine, fertilizer was plentiful. I used to dig up worms for fishing bait from that garden, and I remember harvesting carrots and potatos because I found it fascinating that they grew under the soil. Later my mother had raised beds right outside the kitchen, and from those I remember eating all the sugar snap peas I possibly could, right off the vine.

Life happened, I grew up and left the farm, moved to cities–Terre Haute, Indianapolis, and Chicago–and my gardening bug sort of hibernated inside. When I moved back to Indiana a few years ago, I was able to garden in raised beds of my own. Her Emerald Thumb 1.0 began in April, 2013, and here I am 4 years later, this time gardening in a large backyard plot.

I hope you find my blog either entertaining or helpful, or both. Feel free to message me through comments on the blog, on my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram with questions. I am an Advanced level Master Gardener, which means I’m really good at Googling and finding answers, and I did a sh*t ton of volunteer work.