Key West Butterfly Conservatory

I traveled to Key West for the first time recently, and went armed with a list of “garden-related” places to visit. Except then I ended up spending a lot of time by the hotel pool in a pretty posh cabana lounging around in Mrs. Roper muumuus and drinking Key lime coladas and feeling generally glamorous and purposely lazy. Basically my ideal vacation. I did manage to make it to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory the only day it rained, however.

(Yes, Helen Roper and Blanche Devereaux were my favorite role models of mischievous, charming, and lusty old ladies I still aspire to be like when I grow up.)

4/5 of the rest of my time there was spent practicing my very rusty French in the most marvelous little wine bar, eating gazpacho at the same restaurant on three different occasions because it was that good, and trying on a lot of giant estate jewels in a store on Duval Street. Then, it rained, so a trip to someplace enclosed was in order.

The place was absolutely magical. First you enter through a room full of butterfly related decor, then move onto the educational part of the tour during which the we were treated to the owner himself giving us a quick education on butterflies and the need for pollinators. Then we (gently) filed into the conservatory itself, which was beyond to large steel doors we had to be careful to make sure were fully closed behind us. No escapees!

Tons of butterflies were everywhere, and the blue ones kept landing on the dude in the blue plaid shirt. I was wearing blue also and none landed on me so I guess they thought he was more flowery looking or smelling.

key west butterfly conservatory

I wish I had taken more, and better quality photos, but  things with wings don’t stay still too long and I wanted to focus on the experience rather than view it through the filter of my phone. There were gorgeous plants everywhere, and can we talk about the resident flamingos, Rhett and Scarlet?? Beautiful birds, and my first time seeing a flamingo in real life!

key west butterfly conservatory

What an awesome experience. I felt like I was in another world the few moments I was inside the Key West Butterfly Conservatory. It was thrilling and heavenly and so peaceful. Just a very zen moment I’m grateful to have experienced. I highly recommend making sure this place is on your to-do list when you visit the Florida Keys. You won’t be disappointed!

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