Houseplant Revival – The Jungalow Trend

I just came across an article on Facebook about Millenials and the Jungalow trend. #Jungalow, #urbangarden, #monsteramonday are all popular hashtags on Instagram. Why? Because Millenials have caught onto the houseplant revival. I was pretty stoked to read this, because I’m part of a microgeneration called “Xennials” that isn’t quite Gen X and not quite Millenial, and it made me feel super cool to know I’ve been ahead of a Millenial trend for once.


Last spring one of my good friends, Joel, at, gave me a beautiful monstera that he no longer wanted. It was in a tiny pot and when I went to repot it, the poor thing was so rootbound I didn’t know if it would survive when I carefully cut away the plastic pot liner. But that thing has absolutely fluorished in my little house in a big south-facing picture window in the living room. It’s kind of gigantic, and honestly I have no compunction about walking around naked with the curtains open because the plant is basically a window covering itself. It’s like I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden! Really all I need is a snake and some fruit and I’m set.

My daughter’s first selfie!

After writing my last post on the DIY indoor potting bench, I’ve felt a renewed interest in blogging. I kind of lost my passion for gardening starting in March last year, which is a story I’ll save for another post. Right now I’m going to go with my rejuvenated creative flow and post about indoor gardening, which seems appropriate considering it’s almost winter here.

What’s your favorite houseplant? Were you around for the years of macrame plant hangers and other funky 1970s plant paraphenalia? I remember my mother having a few that I think she made herself. I’ve seen them on anthropologie’s site recently and that tells me they’re back in a big way. Do you consider yourself an indoor gardener? I’d love to hear about what you grow inside! (Yes, we can talk about cannabis as long as you don’t get baked and forget to use your burner account.) Seriously, though, if you have casual houseplants or an indoor herb garden, or hydroponic tomatoes please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Houseplant Revival – The Jungalow Trend

  1. I appreciate the shout out, but I have to issue a minor correction: the monstera belonged to Chris and Baylee, and they needed to get rid of it before they moved to Florida. I wanted it, but had no room for it, and I suspected that even if you didn’t have room for it, you would make room for such a lovely thing. I’m happy to see it thriving.

    1. Oh, that’s right! I had forgotten the very important detail of whence it came. Thank you for conducting the transaction!

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