Crates & Pallet DIY Indoor Potting Bench Reveal

Hey guys! I’ve recently partnered with Crates & Pallet to build a DIY project using their extra large¬†crates. I decided to make an indoor potting bench for the fall and winter that doubles as a console to hold gardening books and knick knacks, so it has some aesthetic appeal as an indoor furniture piece.

crate & pallet

This was a really fun project, and easy! All you need is some paint, furniture legs, a drill, crates, and a couple days of enough free time to paint and assemble, and voila! You’re a brand new indoor potting bench maker and owner.

crate & pallet diy

Not only are crates good for storing things, they would also make a great seed starting station. My plan is to (come February or so) install a couple grow lights and start my seeds for next spring. How awesome will that be?! I did purchase a few new plants for this project–at a total of $17 for two orchids, ($5 each at Lowe’s in their houseplant clearance section) a couple small potted succulents, and two African violets. The violets were not in great shape, but came back to vibrancy with a good watering. The orchids may or may not survive–I took an orchid class a couple years ago but have since forgotten most of the material on how to care for them. I’ve added orchid care to my list of things to re-research!

Note:¬† I did not attach each crate to the other. They’re simply stacked on top of each other so that they’re easy to disassemble and move, or reconfigure to make different setups. I love the versatility this project offers. I used Basic acrylic paint, some of which I already had on hand, and chose the color scheme to go with that super mellow Jerry Garcia painting.

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