Kids Sunflower Art Project

This summer my daughter and I planted a dwarf variety of sunflowers, and when they reached maturity and bloomed we thought it would be a good idea to bring some inside. Then we decided it would be a good idea to paint them. Then I decided it would be a good idea to learn about a famous artist and his Sunflowers painting. The painting was inspiring; his wiki page was not. Van Gogh had issues, man.

Sunflower art

Miss Alexandra turned 5 this past May. I’ve never featured her much on the blog because she didn’t understand what it meant to give me her permission to post photos of and stories about her previously. It’s important to me that she’s cool with being on the internet and obviously I’d like to keep her safe from weirdos, but we live in a different age of technology now and I also don’t want her to feel left out if I’m NOT allowing her to have some sort of internet presence. Anyway, on to the art project…

Kids sunflower art project

We hauled our sunflowers and zinnias inside and made our little still life setup happen on the dining room table. That’s a $10 tablecloth from TJ Maxx, in case you were wondering if I was crazy enough to paint on some fancy flaxen table dressing. Next, we made our outlines with black paint and basically colored in from there. The blue background was applied last.

Kids sunflower art project
Pretty sure this was Van Gogh’s same technique.

Our paints were a hodge podge of Basic acrylics and children’s washable paints, and our brushes were some Crayola and whatever I’ve found at Michael’s over the years that were in my art bin, which is super well-organized; in fact, it’s so perfect I’m not even going to show it to you. Just look at Pinterest photos some other mom has taken of her perfectly curated art/craft closet and you’ll see what I mean, wink, wink.

The whole project took about an hour from start to finish. And I only know this because I was looking to fill my hour of anxiety on a Sunday evening before her father was due to pick her up. It worked, and we successfully avoided the yuckies while making something beautiful with things we had grown ourselves while spending quality time together. I hope if you have kids that sometime you can find the time to paint something from your garden with them. And if you didn’t grow anything this year, paint some rocks as plant identifiers for what you want to grow next year!


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