Garden Blogger Ghosting

Hi everyone. I feel like I ghosted this blog and its readers the past 12 months, and while I’m not ready to really discuss things, I thought I would just post an update about my current garden. Hopefully it will suffice til I start blogging regularly again.

So, it’s August here in zone 6b, and I would love to say I’ve had a wildly successful garden this year, that would be a lie. Here’s what:  I have zinnias that are off the chain, cilantro that wouldn’t stop until it did (no surprise), basil growing like weeds next to tomatoes I never staked, and peppers that are 1/3 still thinking about producing.

I’m going to continue the blog, but I’m probably not going to be all LOOK I POSTED about it for now. I do have a lot of updates I want to write about, so if you’re still following I hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Garden Blogger Ghosting

  1. Hope you are doing OK. It seems this has been a tough summer for so many. We have been reworking a trellis design and my garden has never looked worse. We have weeds in our raised beds that are taller or as tall as I am. Guess I just want to say you are not alone. No need to publish this. 😀 Take care and be blessed.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Life is like gardening–there are phases of growth and reward, and hard work, and the not so bountiful times in between. All we can do is persevere. If only one could count on every crop to grow as tenaciously as the weeds… 🙂

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