How Many Seeds Does It Take

To grow a garden? I don’t know; has anyone ever counted the number it takes to grow a garden in xyz amount of space? That seems unlikely.  Here’s what I do know:  I bought about 30 packets of seeds today. (4/6/17)

UPDATE:  (4/26/17) Shortly after I began this post, my landlord decided for me that I couldn’t handle a garden that large and seeded 2/3 of it with grass seed. I’ll leave you to your own conclusions as to how I felt about that.

I’m now working with an apparently much more manageable area and have seeded one plot with different varieties of zinnia, and sowed marigold seeds (that I saved the past two years) all around the border of this newest iteration of backyard garden plot.

This weekend I’ll be re-mapping this garden. I had everything mapped out about 8 weeks ago, but life happens and things change and landlords have other ideas and…there you are.


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